The Battles Atlas interviewed some of the guest artists on Juice B Crypts. Check this page again later because more interviews are coming!

JON ANDERSON (interviewed via a fan Q&A on Zoom)

I'm very excited to be here. I've gotten introduced to your music through another band, Battles. I really like the song "Sugar Foot," how did you get involved with Battles?
"With Battle? Oh yeah, with Battle! I saw them on YouTube, and I just loved them so much, they're so like, especially the drummer. There's something about him that really blew my mind. And I got in touch and I said 'I wanna sing with you.' And that's basically what I did."

And have you seen the music video for that song?
"No, I don't think so."

Oh, it's cool, it's animated, it's set in outer space, it's all like Japan animation.
"Cool! You gotta send it to me. Send it to Paul, then I can watch it."

Ok I will, thank you so much.
"Thanks for the question, Amy. The Battle! Come on, you guys!" (making battle gesture)

Do you mind sharing your lyrics to this song? I could venture a guess, but I'd probably be wrong!


I really enjoyed your song! It's got so much energy. And seeing you perform it live was great. How did you get involved with Battles?
"Chris Tabron, who mixed and produced Juice B Crypts, and who I know from when he recorded my current live music project One Seven Eight Product at Red Bull Studios in Chelsea emailed me and asked if I'd lay down a vox on the attached Battles track and I'm like yeeah sure. This happens from time to time, a producer or artist or band who I might not know suggests to someone I do know that Sal P. lay down a vocal on a track and that person says 'I know Sal I'll ask him.'"

Was the music for Titanium 2 Step already complete when you created your part? Or did you collaborate with Battles on the music?
"I was just a cherry on top."

What's your favorite song on Juice B Crypts (other than yours of course!)?
"It's a toss up between Ambulance the opening instrumental and Last Supper on Shasta Part 1 with Tune Yards. But in general every track displays a rich and interesting musical juxtaposition that keeps you listening."

Is there anything else you want to tell Battles fans?
"I have to say when you collaborate with Ian and John or John and Ian they both display in equal parts a personal graciousness and a fluid creativity that is very inspiring and ultimately satisfying."


How did you get involved with Battles? Did you know them before the Dross Glop remix you did?
"I was aware of the band before they asked me to do the remix. I was pumped to do it because I dug them and they seemed innovative free and wild. I saw them perform once and shit was rockin."

Was the music for IZM already complete when you created your part? Or did you collaborate with Battles on the music?
"When they asked me to get on IZM they sent a rough of the music track. I worked on it at home but what I done they weren't into it so much. They suggested we get together and work on it instead of the sending files route so we linked up in NYC at Red Bull Studio and under their direction I did my part. I did not work on the music at all."

What's your favorite song on Juice B Crypts (other than IZM of course!)?
"My favorite song on the album is Hiro. Sick piano line I like the way that song moves in that smooth lilt."


How did you get involved with Battles? You played on their last tour, right? Had you heard of them when they asked you to tour?
"The beginning of everything was on October 21, 2015 when we received an invitation from THE WALL, the venue where BATTLES was about to perform in Taiwan (shout out to Catherine, thank you very much for connecting us!). We were invited to be the opening act for their Gloss Drop World Tour in Taiwan, and we were honored to be praised by Dave, who was still in the band at that time, as a 'national treasure' and their most favorite band of the entire tour. Around 2008, we were already devoted fans of BATTLES. We unexpectedly discovered their album 'Mirrored,' and first time listening to it, we were amazed and deeply influenced by their music, which greatly shaped our listening tastes and creative inspiration."

Was the music for Sugar Foot already complete when you created your part? Or did you collaborate with Battles on the music?
"After they completed the instrumental part of the song, they invited us to collaborate and add our vocals and sound effects. We followed our instincts and worked on the vocal and sound arrangements. At that time, we didn't know how they would eventually present the song."

Was Jon Anderson's part already recorded? Did you know that he would also be in the song?
"When we received the collaboration invitation and the demo, we had no idea that they had also invited Jon Anderson to work on this song. It was a pleasant surprise and a great honor for us to participate in a song by our favorite band alongside such a legendary musician."

If it's not a secret, can you tell me what your lyrics say?
"Regarding the lyrical concept, BATTLES always gave us a futuristic vibe with a Cyberpunk touch. While writing, we incorporated our own imagination, drawing inspiration from some Japanese anime of this genre such as 'Akira,' 'Ghost in the Shell,' 'Neon Genesis Evangelion,' and more. These works often explore the anxiety that arises from people's use of technology, then start reflecting on the primordial spiritual consciousness and the most fundamental aspects of nature. So, we tried to consolidate these concepts and briefly describe a legend or scene about our world, narrated by an elderly person. The story starts with the primal sounds of a beast's roar and birds flying, portraying this raw appearance. This elder storyteller represents the 'Time-Space Traveler' described in our lyrics, or perhaps, this elder symbolizes technology itself, spanning from the past to the present. Juice B Crypts was released during the serious global impact of COVID-19, and the lyrics "No beginning to the story / No end to the time" indicate that we actually know that everything may have a certain cycle, but we hope it all leads to a positive outcome, believing in the goodness of humanity that transcends time and reaches a faraway future. Although our lyrics in 'Sugar Foot' are only a short segment, there is actually more to the story that wasn't used. We hope to have the opportunity to release it as an alternative version in the future!"

What's your favorite song on Juice B Crypts (other than Sugar Foot of course!)?
"Juice B Cripts, Fort Greene Park, Last Supper on Shasta..., well this is difficult to pick, because we love every BATTLES' works!"

Is there anything else you want to tell Battles fans?
"Whether you knew us already or got to know and like us through BATTLES, we thank you. We hope in the near future, we can bring new works to various parts of the world and share them with everyone. And of course, if possible, we look forward to performing together with BATTLES again for everyone to see!"

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