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The band often tends to joke around in their interviews, so sometimes it is hard to get a straight answer out of them!


Yamaha (Unknown): Ian plays with the Yamaha Tenori-On as Tyondai watches
dandv (November 2006): Battles discuss live shows; with early performance footage
Cutting Edge (March 2007): Tyondai and John discuss the new album, touring, and other music (c. March 2007): Tyondai, Ian, and Dave discuss classic bands
Warp Records (April 2007): Battles discuss their formation and their music
The London Paper (May 2007): Battles discuss John's high cymbal
Cutting Edge (October 2007): a silly interview with Ian; he discusses the other members
NME (2011): Dave discusses the new album track by track, pt. 1
NME (2011): Dave discusses the new album track by track, pt. 2
Feedback (May 2011): Dave discusses the band's style and the new album
Battles' YouTube Playlist (June 2011)
Pop10 (June 2011): Dave discusses the group changes
PureFM (June 2011): Battles discuss the new record and guest vocalists
Dazed Digital (July 2011): mini-documentary
XRT (July 2011): John and Dave discuss Tyondai's departure and the new album
Loose Habit (August 2011): Ian discusses Battles' history
EMusic (August 2011): Battles discuss power trios and becoming a three-person band
Posh Magazine (August 2011): Battles discuss making music, the new album, and album leaks
Toazted (November 2011): Dave and John discuss the band, math rock comparisons, and playing live
Toazted (November 2011): Dave and John discuss their friendship, family, and other bands
Trallalalla (December 2011): Dave and John discuss the new album and musicmaking
Ableton: The Art of Repetition (July 2015): Battles rehearsing and recording the new album
The Battles Atlas (October 2015): Battles discuss their entire career in a fan interview
Rolling Stone (October 2015): Battles discuss playing the new record live
Highsnobiety (October 2019): Battles perform songs and discuss the new album on Cued Up (interview at 3:30)
Age of Quarantine (April 2020): John discusses music in a career-spanning interview


Guitar Center (Circa 2007): Ian and Tyondai discuss equipment
Diskant (Circa 2007): Battles discuss songwriting and touring
Contact Music (Circa 2007): Dave and John discuss touring and the band's history
Vice (March 2007): Tyondai, Dave, and John discuss success and categorization
Ondarock (March 2007): Italian; Ian and John discuss working in Battles and their musical pasts
Gigwise (April 2007): Ian discusses musicmaking
Drowned in Sound (May 2007): Tyondai discusses evolution from EPs to the first album
The Skinny (May 2007): Ian, John, and Tyondai discuss the new album
Under the Radar (July 2007): John discusses success
Magnet (September 2007): Battles discuss success, audiences, and their musical history
The Deli (October 2007): Tyondai discusses success and touring
The Freeborn Times (October 2007): Tyondai discusses songwriting
Tiny Mix Tapes (November 2007): Tyondai discusses songwriting and adding vocals to the new album
Tier 3 (November 2007): John discusses math rock and success
Shanghaiist (March 2009): Tyondai discusses vocals and his setup
The Vine (May 2009): Dave discusses songwriting, the band name, and touring
Pitchfork (February 2011): Dave discusses Tyondai's departure and the new album
The Quietus (April 2011): Ian and John discuss evolution as a band, and collaborations
Time Out Tokyo (April 2011): Dave discusses ten things we didn't know
The Village Voice (April 2011): John discusses Tyondai's departure and making the new record
Dummy (April 2011): Ian discusses band evoluation and collaborations
MTV Hive (May 2011): Dave discusses Tyondai's departure and making the new album
The List (May 2011): Ian discusses life after Tyondai
The Vine (May 2011): John discusses collaborations and songwriting
The Skinny (May 2011): John discusses Battles history and continuing without a band member
Kinda Muzik (May 2011): Dutch; Battles discuss working without Tyondai, collaborations, and success
Loud and Quiet (June 2011): Battles discuss Tyondai's departure
Don't Panic (June 2011): Ian discusses band evolution and collaborations
Vulture (June 2011): Dave discusses the writing of Sundome
Skiddle (June 2011): John discusses collaborations and touring
Clash (June 2011): Battles discuss making the new album
Music Radar (July 2011): Dave discusses re-formation, collaborations, and his setup
Goodnight, Neverland (July 2011): Ian discusses distribution
The Guardian (August 2011): Battkes discuss re-formation and math rock
Glamour Paris (August 2011): French; a silly interview "in bad taste" with Battles
De-Bug (September 2011): German; Dave and Ian discuss the live shows and musicmaking
Pop Matters (September 2011): John discusses the band name, songwriting, and vocals
Modern Drummer (September 2011): John discusses songwriting and his drumming style
Flotation Suite (September 2011): Ian discusses songwriting and collaborations
The Independent (October 2011): Battles discuss recording the new album, and female fans
Chicagoist (October 2011): John discusses live shows and music videos
Fake Plastic Tunes (October 2011): Ian discusses touring and the new album
Austinist (October 2011): Ian discusses collaborators and song titles
Miami New Times (October 2011): John discusses Tyondai's departure
Sub Ap (October 2011): John discusses touring
WECB (November 2011): Dave discusses songwriting, artmaking, and collaborations
GQ (December 2011): John discusses Gary Numan
Time Out Doha (December 2011): Dave discusses band trivia
Berlin Beat (December 2011): John discusses touring
Huffington Post (February 2012): Ian discusses food on tour
Kickshuffle (April 2012): Ian discusses songwriting, technology, and his musical background
Westword (June 2012): Ian discusses his musical background and the evolution of Battles
WNUR (June 2012): Ian discusses vocal collaborations and the Chicago music scene
Brightest Young Things (June 2012): John discusses touring and the remix album
Alarm (August 2012): Ian and Dave discuss remixes
The Drummer's Journal (Summer 2015): John discusses his life and musical background
Ableton (July 2015): Ian discusses loops and technology
NME (July 2015): Battles discuss taking their sound to the next level
Consequence of Sound (August 2015): Battles discuss inspiration and the making of the new album
Rolling Stone (August 2015): Battles discuss the new album
London in Stereo (September 2015): Battles discuss songwriting and the new album
Crack Magazine (September 2015): Battles discuss technology, songwriting, and playing live
Wow 24/7 (September 2015): Ian discusses songwriting, artwork, and playing the UK
Dummy (September 2015): Ian discusses songwriting, playing live, and the new album
Digital Trends (September 2015): Ian discusses loops, distribution, and playing live
Noisey (September 2015): Ian discusses loops, songwriting, and the new album
Chart Attack (September 2015): Ian discusses songwriting, member dynamics, and albums the band likes
Spin (September 2015): Dave and John discuss the new album and categorization
The Quietus (September 2015): John discusses his favorite albums
Brightest Young Things (October 2015): Ian discusses the new album and performing live
The AU Review (February 2016): Ian discusses the new album and performing in Australia
Pitchfork (April 2016): Dave discusses making Battles album covers
Warp (2016): John discusses the band's early years
Rolling Stone (March 2016): Italian; John discusses his musical career
The Skinny (July 2019): Ian discusses the past and future of the band
DIY Magazine (October 2019): Battles discuss making the new album
Reddit (October 2019): Battles answer fan questions in this Reddit AMA
Magic (October 2019): French; Ian discusses Battles' evolution and songwriting with John
Filter (October 2019): Spanish; John discusses collaborators and what kind of music Battles is
Guitar World (October 2019): Ian discusses looping, equipment, and songwriting without Dave
Altpress (October 2019): Battles discuss fans, songwriting, and Dave leaving
Paper (November 2019): Battles discuss the new album and losing a band member
The Stranger (November 2019): Ian discusses the new album
Crack Magazine (November 2019): Battles provide cultural recommendations
Clash (March 2020): John discusses the remix competition
Modern Drummer (July 2020): John discusses New York, his drum setup, and the new album


WPTS (Circa 2011): Ian discusses Pittsburgh music and the new album
Music Emissions (October 2011): Ian discusses the new album, musical evolution, and distribution
Labor Podcast (October 2013): Ian discusses the creative process, selling out, and looping
The Trap Set (October 2015): John discusses his music background, career history, and Tyondai's departure
BBC Radio (November 2015): Ian and John discuss animosity regarding Tyondai's departure
Radio Free Brooklyn (2016): Ian discusses living in Brooklyn and Battles history
Talkhouse (May 2016): Ian and Lee Ranaldo discuss lyrics and writing for bands versus scoring orchestral music
Talkhouse (September 2019): Ian and Lee Ranaldo discuss their new records, songwriting, and collaborations
Essential Tremors (October 2019): Ian talks about songs and bands that influenced him
Essential Tremors (November 2019): John talks about songs and bands that influenced him
Why We Bleep (December 2019): Ian talks about his gear and making records (interview at 13:07)
Crash Bang Boom Drumming Podcast (February 2020): John discusses songwriting and his musical background (interview at 3:00)
Disposable Heroes (May 2020): John discusses drumming techniques, loops, and his musical background (interview at 4:25)


Battles Selections (2015): Battles curate a playlist for Spotify
Moog Drones (2015): Battles participate in unique drone building/performance
Night Flight (2019): John curates a playlist for Spotify
The Battles Atlas (2019): interviews with guest artists on Juice B Crypts
Midnight in a Perfect World (2020): Battles curate a playlist for KEXP